Social Media in Dentistry

We can talk about whether Facebook and Twitter are good for dental marketing all day long, and everyone has an opinion…

“I believe social media is one of the most important marketing tools to emerge since the creation of the World Wide Web.”

~ Fred Joyal’s Blog

“No online social networking personally or professionally anymore. Most of it is a waste of time. I’d rather spend the valuable time with my wife and kids who have also decided not to do any of the online social networking anymore.”

~ The Wealthy Dentist Blog

Ohio Prosthodontist

“With social media growing at an unprecedented rate and a large percentage of our patients participating on these popular channels daily, the decision to establish our own space on these social networks was easy. Now our practice can easily distribute office news, dental information and practice promotions to our entire network of patients with the click of a mouse. Not to mention that our patients can always join in on the conversation by providing feedback.”

~Latest Breaking News

Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch

The reality is, you have to ask yourself if social networking:

  • Will meet your dental practice’s marketing goals
  • Will work for your dental patients
  • Will complement your dental practice’s marketing strategy
  • Will be something you (or your team) can keep up with

Your Goals

Social networking is not going to bring you a ton of new patients. If that’s your main goal, don’t waste your time. However, if you want to keep in contact with your current patients and foster a friendly, personal relationship, Facebook can help. Twitter can give current patients an update on what’s going on in your office.

Your Patients

Do your patients use Facebook and Twitter? Do they use the computer? How often? Studies show that Facebook is most widely used with a very young population. And, of course, patients in a high income area will be more likely to use social networking. How many of your patients have smart phones? Do they even want to hear from you on Facebook? You can always ask! Survey your patients before they leave the office.

Your Marketing Strategy

Do you blog? Is your website optimized? Are you really on top of your game with Internet marketing, or do you just have a website because you don’t think the phone book has any future? If you’re serious about online marketing and fostering a community in your practice where patients and team members feel like they know one another, social networking may suit your strategy. If you and your staff don’t like the computer, there’s no reason to try to force a Facebook peg into a traditional marketing hole.

Your Busy Life

Keeping up with Facebook and Twitter takes time. If you don’t check your FB account every day now, what makes you think you’ll do it for the office? You may have a front office person who could maintain a Facebook Fan Page, with a little training. Or maybe social networking just isn’t where it’s at for your dental practice.

Advice from Experts

If you’d like a personal consultation about social networking, call TNT Dental and speak with one of our web experts. These savvy folks can answer all of your questions and guide you through the process of setting up and learning about effective social networking. Call today: 877-868-4932, or visit TNT Dental online here.


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